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Philosophy at Techswitch

Products must interact with users, not the other way around

Typically apps, websites, and platforms are built with the approach of having users interacting in a specific way with the product. However, we live in times when there’s no more average user.

Everyone has different needs, and they may be very specific. We think it’s time to create intuitive products that guide the users through the journey with the minimum amount of cognitive friction.



We have business, product and technical expertise in house. When these are combined in the right way, all efforts involved in creating a product happen in harmony instead of moving in silos.


1. Bridge the gap between idea and commercialisation

Build the gap between idea and commercialisation. Having a product idea is great, but not enough. An idea without a project cannot survive. A project without a strategy cannot scale. A strategy without the right processes is hard to execute upon. We can help you with the establishment and creation of:

  • the right processes - time to market is key. People need to work together in the most efficient ways
  • tech infrastructure and architecture - you will not need a "rebuild" if the project is set up in the right way. It will scale faster and easier.
  • stay agile - growth brings new challenges. Tackle them at the right time before they become a bottleneck.

2. Incubate ideas and build out concepts

An idea is the sparkle for creating new value, but it needs to evolve to fully satisfy your user needs. There are multiple frameworks that can support the tailoring of a project around an idea: Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Hackatons, 1nspiring canvas, business model canvas, product discovery sessions and more.

We ask lots of questions to understand your intentions, market, target, business goals, purpose, and we help you choose the right tool for every problem. They can also be combined. We love solving problems, and we get very creative at it.


3. Generate innovative thinking

Coaches have coaches. Doctors go to other doctors. Psychologists can get therapy from other psychologists. You can be a domain expert, and you will still benefit from an external advice. We work closely together and ask the right questions, so together we can open up new worlds.

They say if I give you a pen, and you give me a pen, each of us now has one pen. But if I share an idea, and you share an idea, each of us has now two ideas. Innovation can grow exponentially when incubated in the right setup and mindset. When product, business and technology expertise are combined, innovation is assured.


4. Strategy to create business value with technology

Innovation - the creation of new value - requires thinking out of the box and the right people with relevant expertise in products creation.

Philosophy at Techswitch

Get the right help for building great products

Innovation - the creation of new value - requires thinking out of the box and the right people with relevant expertise in products creation.

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